Standard Trailer Specs.

Compare our trailer to some of our competitors. We believe our trailers are among the most rugged and dependable trailers on the road. We want to ensure your decision to use your hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste.

8.5 Wide Standard Trailer Comparison
From 12′ to 32′ without extra addons

Manley TrailersCompetitor 1Competitor 2
.030 Exterior Metal✔️
.024 Exterior Metal

0.080 Polycore Exterior
5200lb Brake Axle✔️
3500lb Brake Axle

3500lb Brake Axle
3/4″ BC Treated KDAT Plywood Floors✔️
3/4″ StableDeck Floor

3/4″ Non-Treated Floors
3/8″ BC Non-Treated Plywood Walls✔️
3/8″ StableDeck Walls

3/8″ Non-Treated Walls
12″ O/C 13ga. Floor Cross Members✔️
16″ O/C 16ga. Floor Cross Members

24″ O/C 16ga. Floor Cross Members
16″ O/C Wall Studs – 1″x1.5″ 16ga Tubing✔️
16″ O/C Wall Studs – 1″x1.5″ 18ga Tubing

16″ O/C Wall Studs – 18ga. Hat Post
24″ O/C 16ga. Arched Roof Bows – 1″x1.5″ 16ga Tubing✔️
24″ O/C Roof Bows- 1″x1.5″ 18ga Tubing

24″ O/C Roof Bows- 1″x1.5″ 18ga Tubing
Single Piece Aluminum Roof✔️✔️
“Sealed & Crimped” Galvalume Roof
6′ 6″ Interior Height ✔️✔️✔️
Heavy Duty Ramp Door✔️
Recessed Step✔️
36″ Heavy Duty Side Door w/ Paddle Latch✔️
48″ “RV Style” Styrofoam Filled Side Door

No Side Door
7K Drop Leg Jack✔️
2K A-Frame Jack

2K A-Frame Jack
Heavy Duty D-Rings✔️
Beaver Tail✔️
Sidewall Vents✔️
White Corrugated Headliner✔️

The above information was pulled directly from competitors manufacturing websites. We stand by our product and put your hard earned money to use with quality materials that will last longer and be more durable over time.